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How to get Nuclear Keycards in Fallout 76

Necessary for launching nukes.

There are plenty of items for you to collect throughout Appalachia in Fallout 76. Every material that you gather or piece of scrap you pick up matters in some way. One of the many items that you can find in the wasteland is Nuclear Keycards. These cards are one of the most important items you can get your hands on because they make the difference between being able to set off a nuke and not. This guide will show you how to get Nuclear Keycards in Fallout 76.

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Where to find Nuclear Keycards in Fallout 76

Nuclear Keycards are one of the most necessary items in the game since they are needed to launch a nuke. You cannot get into the launch control without having one on your person. Of course, since they are necessary for dropping a nuke on the wasteland, you can’t just find them anywhere. You will need to wait until the end of the game to get your hands on one and even then it is pretty difficult.

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To start the process of getting a Nuclear Keycard, you will need to head to Whitespring Resort. Once there, head inside the bunker. From there, start the repeatable quest called Hide and Seek and Destroy. This quest will require you to hunt down a SAC Cargobot that is carrying the keycard. You will see the marker appear on the map with the location of the cargobot. Travel to the area and take down the vertibirds that are protecting the cargobot as well as the cargobot itself.

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When the cargobot drops, you can loot it to get the Nuclear Keycard. Remember to run away after looting the cargobot since it will self-destruct shortly after. You can also get Nuclear Keycards from season scoreboards by collecting score points and progressing through the rewards on the board. Spaces that reward Nuclear Keycards will typically give you five at one time.

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