How to control pests at Dolly Sods in Fallout 76

Demonstrate how brave you are.

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Fallout 76 is filled with quests and tasks for you to complete as you explore Appalachia. You will eventually find your way north to the Pioneer Scouts. Once you become a scout, you will be tasked with showing off the various qualities that the Pioneer Scouts are known for. To demonstrate bravery, you must get rid of all of the pests at Dolly Sods. If that sounds easy, you are mistaken. This guide will show you how to control pests at Dolly Sods in Fallout 76.

How to complete Demonstrate Bravery: Control Pests at Dolly Sods in Fallout 76

Once you talk to the scoutmaster at the Pioneer Scouts Campground in the northern part of the map, you will be given various tasks to prove you have what it takes to be a scout. One of these tasks is to rid Dolly Sods of all of its pests and there are a lot of them. Start by traveling to Dolly Sods Wilderness. This area is on the eastern side of the map in The Mire region. It can easily be spotted thanks to the cabin drawing on the map to the south of the caves.

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Once you reach Dolly Sods, talk to Scoutmaster Treadly. There is a glitch that can make the correct quest appear after this. If this happens, go into your Pip-Boy menu and set the quest called Stings and Things to active. This will show you the quest markers and objectives required to complete the task. You will need the following insect parts:

  • Bloatfly Gland
  • Bloodbug Proboscis
  • Roadroach Meat
  • Stingwing Barb
  • Tick Blood Sac

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After activating the quest, you will see multiple search areas appear like on the map above. Each search area will show you where at least one of the bugs is that you need to collect parts from. Head to each of the search areas, defeat the bugs and collect the bug parts. Once you have done this, bring them all to Scout Leader Treadly back at Dolly Sods. After giving the parts to Treadly, the quest will be complete and you will have demonstrated bravery. Now you can complete the archery test if you want.