How to get Observation V2 in Roblox Blox Fruits

Master the art of haki.

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Observation or Ken Haki allows players in Blox Fruits to avoid incoming attacks from enemies. It also allows players to view enemies hiding behind structures, as well as their health and energy levels. Overall, it is a very vital skill that can be a game-changer if used efficiently. Additionally, it has different versions, each bringing unique attributes to the table. In this guide, we are focusing on Observation V2 and how to acquire it in Blox Fruits.

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How to get Observation V2.

To get Observation V2, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Head to Floating Turtle island and interact with Hungry Man. He is in one of the floating houses.
  • Once you interact with Hungry Man, he will give you a quest to bring him a decent meal. Although he doesn’t specify the meal, it’s nothing but a combination of Apple, Pineapple, and Banana.
  • Each of these fruits spawns in only one location. Furthermore, each fruit spawns every 5-6 minutes. 
  • You can find an apple on a standalone plateau on the Floating Turtle island. It is on top of the plateau below the only tree present there.
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  • Head to the Giant Tree location on the map to obtain a banana. Once there, go towards the secluded island on the right side of the Giant Tree. You should be able to find a banana underneath one of the three trees.
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  • To get a Pineapple, head to the spawn point for Sea 3. Once there, climb up the left staircase to enter the city and walk straight until you reach the last house. Turn left, and you can find a Pineapple behind the crates. It can be challenging to spot the fruit from far, so do not skip the place if you don’t see a Pineapple.
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  • Once you have all three fruits, you need to get a bowl. You can obtain a bowl by completing the Citizen quest. However, you can only take the quest if you are level 1,800 or above.
  • Finally, head back to the Hungry Man and give him all three fruits in a bowl. In return, he will teach you Observation V2.

Remember that Observation Haki is also called Instinct Haki in Roblox Blox Fruits, so do not get confused if either denotation is used.