How to get Rainbow Haki in Roblox Blox Fruits

Get ready for multiple battles.

Screenshot via iansenz’s YouTube

Haki is the ability to intercept any incoming attack in Blox Fruits. It is a vital skill that players need in order to progress smoothly in the game. Furthermore, there are different versions of Haki, each providing unique attributes to the user. One of the most potent abilities in the game is Rainbow Haki, and here is how to obtain it in Blox Fruits.

How to get Rainbow Haki

To acquire Rainbow Haki in Blox Fruits, you need to get a special quest from Horned Man. You can find Horned Man in the Floating Turtle island on top of the tallest tree. Once you interact with him, he will ask you to eliminate five bosses that are troubling him. Here are all five of the bosses that you need to defeat and where to find them:

  • Stone- Starter Island
  • Island Empress- Hydra Island
  • Kilo Admiral- Giant Tree
  • Captain Elephant- Floating Turtle Island, near the Mansion
  • Beautiful Pirate- Beautiful Pirate Domain, Hydra Island

These bosses are powerful, so be prepared for a long fight. Furthermore, you can only take this quest if you are level 1950 or above. Keep in mind you have to interact with the Horned Man after each boss fight so he can assign you the next target. Once you defeat Beautiful Pirate, which is the last boss, you’ll automatically get Rainbow Haki.