How to get Observation Haki in Blox Fruits

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Blox Fruits has many powers and abilities you can learn through various means. Most, if not all, of these abilities are from the One Piece anime and manga. Observation Haki, known as Instinct in the game, is a valuable ability that you can get early in the game. This guide will help you learn about Instinct (Observation Haki), how to obtain it, and how to make it stronger. 

What is Instinct (Observation Haki) in Blox Fruits

Instinct (Observation Haki) is a special ability in Blox Fruits that gives the user heightened senses and the ability to dodge incoming attacks from enemies. While active, it allows you to see through solid surfaces, detect enemies/players from a distance, and see the amount of health and energy that they have.

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How to obtain Instinct (Observation Haki) in Blox Fruits

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To obtain Instinct (Observation Haki) in Blox Fruits, you must meet its requirements of being at level 300 or higher, defeating the Saber Expert, and having 750,000 Beli. Once you have all these things done, you must find the Instinct Teacher. Finding the Instinct Teacher is a lot tricker than most other NPCs. 

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To reach his location, you first need to get to the stage above the main city in Skylands. Here you will see an old building, go into it and find a corner with a small hole. Jump in and walk a little; the game will teleport you to the Upper Skylands. From here, head to the second island of the Upper Skylands, where you will see a big temple. Inside the temple, you will find the Instinct Teacher.

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How to train Instinct (Observation Haki) in Blox Fruits

Like most other abilities and powers in Blox Fruits, you can train Instinct (Observation Haki) by using it. But just enabling it won’t do that trick, and you must perform dodges. Each successful dodge will help you earn one mastery point. A great way to train Instinct (Observation Haki) is to use it against lower-level bosses with a logia fruit, which will help you not take any damage even upon hits. Once you have leveled your Instinct (Observation Haki) to a certain level, you then learn Instinct (Observation Haki) V2.