How to get Osmium in Planet Crafter

You’ll have to wait till the mid-game.

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While most resources are somewhat easy to acquire in The Planet Crafter, some are hard to obtain. Osmium is one such resource, which, although it sees plenty of usage in the later stages of the game and is essential for progression, is challenging to obtain because it can only be found in a few locations and cannot be crafted. That said, if you are looking to stock up on Osmium in Planet Crafter, refer to the guide below.

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Where to find Osmium in Planet Crafter

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Unfortunately, you’ll barely get a hold of Osmium in the early game because the locations where Osmium is guaranteed to be found are accessible in the mid-game. Hence, players will have to rely on luck to obtain the resource. Look for ice-filled caves, as once they melt, they often leave Osmium behind. Once you get hold of 3 Osmium, you’ll be able to build Ore Extractor T2. You’ll need Osmium x3, Super Alloy Rod x1, and Iridium Rod x2 to build the equipment. After obtaining Ore Extractor T2, you can place it in specific locations on the map, and it will automatically extract Osmium for you. Below are the coordinates to place Ore Extractor T2 for mining Osmium.

  • 46:70:1228
  • 256:7:8-199]

There are also locations where Osmium can be found, but you have to manually search for it as an Ore Extractor T2 cannot be used here. The coordinates for these locations are mentioned below.

  • 626:61:1840
  • 1861:13:566
  • 1919:-7:459
  • 974:43:-978

Apart from being used as a material for crafting Ore Extractor T2, Osmium is also used to build Shredder Machine, Drill T4, DNA Manipulator, Teleporter, and Auto-Crafter.