How to get Pawprint Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The cats are out of the bag.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak contains several upgraded items and materials that can drop from monsters and wildlife. Pawprint Tickets were an item in previous Monster Hunter titles, and they make their return in the Sunbreak expansion. Finding them can prove challenging, as they are scarce. This guide will break down how to find and get Pawprint Tickets.

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How to find and earn Pawprint Tickets

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Before you begin the hunt for Pawprint Tickets, bringing the right buddy can mitigate a lot of trouble earning these elusive items. A level 20 gathering buddy equipped with the Pilfer ability will significantly increase your odds of success hunting these tickets down. Bringing a pair of Palico buddies isn’t necessary but recommended.

Pawprint Tickets can drop from two small creatures, the Melynx and the Felyne. These creatures roam every map, but this method below guarantees three different groups on every expedition attempt. To find these two creatures and earn Pawprint Tickets, embark on a Master Rank expedition into the Shrine Ruins area.

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Once you enter the Shrine Ruins, head to the three marked areas above. Run a lap through all three areas to find a pair of these two creatures at each location.

  • Area 1 – These creatures will be located near the rock gate roaming in the tall grass.
  • Area 2 – Climb the tall vie wall to the top of the cliff. The Melynx and Felyne will be waiting near the giant tree on the cliff.
  • Area 3 – On the other side of the wall, this pair will be lurking near the grass hill.

Defeating them will cause them to burrow into the ground and run away, and rarely will they leave an item for you when they retreat. These are the drop rates for Pawprint Tickets from each of these cats.

  • Felyne – 14% Pawprint Ticket drop chance.
  • Melynx – 20% Pawprint Ticket drop chance.

This is where bringing a pair of gathering Palico buddies is useful. Their Pilfer skill has a slight chance of stealing additional Pawprint Tickets on each run. After you search all three areas, end the expedition and launch the mission to rerun the lap. These rare items are used for crafting and upgrades for powerful Master Rank weapons and decorations.