How to get Pet Kemono Seeds in Wild Hearts

Pet Kemono Seeds in Wild Hearts is used to craft and upgrade weapons and armor.

Image via EA

Wild Hearts is Koei Tecmo’s foray into the monster-hunting genre, offering Monster Hunter style gameplay in a unique and beautiful feudal Japan setting. While the game’s primary focus is on battling massive and challenging Kemono that dominate Azuna, there are smaller beasts roaming the lands, too, that are just as important to your adventure. In your travels, you’ll encounter many small critters, generally known as tiny Kemono, that can be captured and caged at your Dragon Pit to keep as pets.

How to capture tiny Kemono and get Pet Kemono Seeds in Wild Hearts

While, unfortunately, the tiny Kemono in Wild Hearts won’t accompany you in battles, though this is probably for the best, they will drop valuable crafting materials that can be used to craft and upgrade powerful weapons and armor as you progress through the game. There are over 20 different tiny Kemono you can encounter, each with its own crafting material drop. In this guide, we’re focusing on one key crafting item you’ll need in Wild Hearts: Pet Kemono Seeds.

Where to find Pet Kemono Seeds in Wild Hearts

Pet Kemono Seeds can be obtained by capturing specific creatures that can be found in various areas within Azuma. Here is a complete list of the Kemono from which you can get Pet Kemono Seeds:

  • Berrybright Squirrel (found in Harugasumi Way)
  • Canecrown Viper (found in Harugasumi Way)
  • Orangetufted Constrictor (found in Natsukodachi Isle)
  • Cherrytinge Ladybug (found in Akikura Canyon)
  • Frostberry Squirrel (found in Fuyufusagi Fort)

As you can see from the list above, any squirrel, viper, or ladybug you encounter will give you a Pet Kemono Seed when captured. To capture a pet, sneak up to any of these catchable critters and press the corresponding “Catch” key once the prompt appears.

For a continued generation of Pet Kemono Seeds, captured pets can also be placed in a special craft structure called a Wildlife Cage Dragon Karakuri. Caged tiny Kemono will periodically drop additional items, including Pet Kemono Seeds, after you return from a battle. The Wildlife Cage can be unlocked by spending a sizeable amount of Karakuri Orbs.

You can hold as many pets as you want, but you will need a separate Wildlife Cage for each one if you wish to cage and continuously receive items from them. You’ll want to check your cages after each major battle, as you’ll have to fight large Kemono in order for your caged pets to drop additional items. While you’re out, don’t forget to give the bigger Kemono some love, too.