How to get Primed Chamber in Warframe

When you can only take one shot, make it count.


Image via Digital Extremes

Primed Chamber is a very interesting mod in Warframe. It can increase the damage from the first shot from a Sniper Rifle by up to one hundred percent. The mod was first introduced to the game as a reward for the Informant Event, but has recently been made available from Baro Ki’Teer.

If you visit Baro Ki’Teer, he can have the item in stock during one of his visits to the relay. As of right now, Baro is in the Strata Relay and has Primed Chamber for sale. He will be gone by Feb. 16, and it is impossible to know if the mod will end up back in his inventory in the future. The mod is expensive, costing 2995 Ducats, and one million Credits to buy.

Primed Chamber Stats

RankFirst Shot DamageMod Capacity

While Primed Chamber will work on any Sniper Rifle, it is very good on Vectis and Vectis Prime. Vectis is a one-shot weapon, and Vectis Prime can be modded using Depleted Reload to also be a one-shot magazine. The mod will also stack with other damage mods, such as Serration, leading to some potentially ridiculous damage numbers. It will also work very well on a Rubico Prime wielded by a Chroma that is modded for Eidolon hunting.

While the cost is expensive, and many people will be grinding Ducats this weekend to try and get their hands on it, it’s a welcome change to the very high Platinum prices that are commanded for this mod when you try to get it from other players.

If you wish to see what else Baro Ki’Teer is selling this weekend, we have a full list of his inventory and prices.