Warframe – What Is Baro Selling Today – August 14, 2020

Baro is back, and he has a deal for you.

 Warframe – What Is Baro Selling Today – August 14, 2020

Every two weeks Baro Ki’Teer shows up in Warframe, to amaze and disappoint in equal measure. The strange figure will arrive in one of the game’s relays, with a stock of mods, weapons, and cosmetics to sell. To purchase them, you will mostly need Ducats, a type of currency that only Baro seems to deal with, and Credits. You can get Ducats by selling Prime parts at any of the Ducat Kiosks on the Relays. The rarer the part, the more Ducats you will get.

Baro arrives every two weeks and hangs around for two days, so be sure to grab what you need when you can! If you need more Ducats, it’s time to start opening those Relics!

What is Baro Selling Today?

You can find Baro at the Larunda Relay on Mercury with the following items in stock:

Pedestal Umbra01000000
High Voltage300150000
Shell Shock300150000
Voltaic Strike300150000
Mantis Prisma Skin230375000
Baro Ki’Teer Colors150300000
Ki’Teer Tribute Glyph8050000
Inaros Tomb Scene325175000
Anpu Staff Skin325250000
Left Prisma Daedalus Knee Plates6575000
Left Prisma Daedalus Shoulder Guard6575000
Prisma Daedalus Chest Plate150100000
Right Prisma Daedalus Knee Plates6575000
Right Prisma Daedalus Shoulder Guard6575000
5x Corrupted Heavy Gunner Specter10040000
Supra Vandal500275000
Prisma Shade500300000
Ignis Wraith550250000
Ki’Teer Syandana500500000
Ki’Teer Atmos Diadem525375000
Ki’Teer Atmos Earpiece500400000
Ki’Teer Atmos Mask500400000
Sands Of Inaros Blueprint10025000

What should you buy from Baro today?

If you have the Credits for it, the Pedestal Umbra will look quite nice in your Orbiter, although it is just a decoration, so don’t expect too much from that investment.

High Voltage, Jolt, Shell Shock, and Voltaic Strike are all must-haves if you don’t all ready own them, offering lots of use across multiple builds in the game. These Dual Mods will add Electrical damage and a large Status Chance buff to any weapon you equip them on.

After that, it’s a personal preference issues, except for the Ignis Wraith. This is one of the best Star Chart weapons in the game, and you should definitely grab it if you don’t have it already.