Warframe – What Is Baro Selling Today – Feb. 14, 2020

Baro is back, and he has a deal for you.

 Warframe – What Is Baro Selling Today – Feb. 14, 2020

Every two weeks Baro Ki’Teer shows up in Warframe, to amaze and disappoint in equal measure. The strange figure will arrive in one of the game’s relays, with a stock of mods, weapons, and cosmetics to sell. To purchase them, you will mostly need Ducats, a type of currency that only Baro seems to deal with, and Credits. You can get Ducats by selling Prime parts at any of the Ducat Kiosks on the Relays. The rarer the part, the more Ducats you will get.

Baro arrives every two weeks and hangs around for two days, so be sure to grab what you need when you can! If you need more Ducats, it’s time to start opening those Relics!

What is Baro Selling Today?

You can find Baro at the Strata Relay on Earth with the following items in stock:

Primed Chamber29951000000
Prisma Latron Leg Plate300175000
Primed Flow350110000
Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation400140000
Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation400140000
Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation400140000
Hydroid Immortal Skin550100000
Eos Prime Chest Plate12575000
Left Eos Prime Shoulder Plates5075000
Right Eos Prime Shoulder Plates5075000
Left Eos Prime Spurs6550000
Right Eos Prime Spurs6550000
Ki’Teer Atmos Earpiece500400000
Ki’Teer Atmos Oculus525375000
Prisma Veritux550150000
Quanta Vandal450300000
Ki’Teer Diax Syandana325450000
Pack Leader Sigil5545000
Anpu Sugatra250250000
Driga Desert-Camo Skin225150000
Grustrag Three Beacon200125000
Stalker Beacon200125000
Zanuka Hunter Beacon200125000
3 Day Affinity Booster450200000
Xiphos Prisma Skin220400000
Sands Of Inaros Blueprint10025000

What should you buy from Baro today?

Primed Chamber is no joke, and anyone who likes to hunt Eidolons should snap it up. The price is high, but the 100% damage to the first shot in the magazine is going to turn a Lanka or Vectis Sniper Rifle into something that just deletes enemies. It also has a pretty low mod capacity cost, considering the benefit.

The rest is all MR fodder and cosmetics for the most part. I don’t really rate Ammo Mutation mods, let alone the Primed versions, so you can skip those without too much worry. If you are hunting for the relevant rare weapons, be sure to grab some Beacons, as they can be useful.