How to get Purple Velocipods in Warframe

This creature is not a water type.

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Purple Velocipods are rare creatures that you can capture in Warframe. These infested critters can only be found in one location, and they’re required to craft the Helminth Segment. This upgrade is essential to take advantage of some of the best upgrades you can earn for your Warframes. This guide will explain how to get and farm Purple Velocipods in Warframe.

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Where to get Purple Velocipods in Warframe

Purple Velocipods are flying creatures buzzing around the surface of the Cambion Drift open-world location. This open world is located on Deimos and requires completion of the Heart of Deimos cinematic quest before you can freely roam this level.

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Select Deimos and choose the Cambion Drift stage. Make sure you’re in a tough Warframe, as the infested creatures on the surface are deadly and will attack in large groups.

While roaming the open world, hold the Map button to see the names of different points of interest on the map. Head to a point named Undulatum on your Archwing. Wait by the area where the river forks.

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Once you’re at this location, keep an eye below for the Purple Velocipods. They have bright, glowing purple spines on their backs and float on the surface as they move around. If you target them with the Tranq rifle or a standard weapon, you will see Purple Velocipod above their heads, indicating that you have the right creature in sight.

If you want to earn more Purple Velocipod resources, use the Tranq Rifle to take them down and capture them. A perfect capture will net you more resources and potential standing with the Deimos family. You can shoot them and collect their corpses, which won’t earn you as much potential reward but can still give you what you need to craft the Helminth segment.

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Once you’ve collected these rare creatures, craft the Helminth segment for your Orbiter. This upgrade will allow you to take advantage of many mechanics that can power up your Warframes, including installing Archon Shards on your characters.