How to get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

For limited items only.

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Gold and Black Nuclei are constant reward currencies in Tower of Fantasy, but Red Nuclei are used in limited-time event gacha pulls. The launch event, Rebirth of Clemency, is most players’ first opportunity to acquire Red Nuclei and use them to roll for the Venus SSR weapon and its associated Nemesis Simulacrum, as well as other SSR and lower-rarity Weapons. Red Nuclei are also harder to come by than Gold or Black Nuclei, befitting their places as the currency for timed, FOMO-centric content. Here’s how you can get your hands on Red Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy.

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Where and how to find Red Nucleus sources in Tower of Fantasy

Only three sources of Red Nuclei are currently available in Tower of Fantasy.

Buy Red Nucleus sources for Dark Crystals on the Rebirth of Clemency Page

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Click on the “Order x1” and “Order x10” buttons at the bottom right of the Rebirth of Clemency event page, and a menu will pop up asking if you want to buy a Red Nucleus or ten of them for 150 and 1,500 Dark Crystal respectively. Doing so initiates immediately a Gacha pull rather than putting the Nuclei in your inventory. You can also go to the HOT menu in the Store and purchase them for 150 Dark Crystals.

Buy in either Daily Supply Boxes or Limited Time Gift Packs

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The only other way to get Red Nuclei is by paying real money for Tanium, which you can then spend to purchase either Daily Supply boxes or Limited Time Gift Packs, both of which offer one or several Red Nuclei, depending on what you buy. There’s a Limited Time pack costing 1,680, or around $25 worth of Tanium, that offers 13 Red Nuclei and other currencies and materials. You’ll want to check back frequently to see if the next Daily Supply Box selection has Red Nuclei if you plan on spending money on the matter.