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How to get Renascent Lifeblood in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has introduced the Revival Catalyst to ease the burden of bad luck for players in acquiring tier gear. This handy device will allow all characters on your account to accumulate charges to spend on transforming any piece of Season One gear into a tier piece of the equivalent slot. In order to charge the machine, however, you will need to do a weekly quest to obtain the necessary item to charge the Revival Catalyst, Renascent Lifeblood. Here is how to get Renascent Lifeblood in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

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How to unlock the quest to get Renascent Lifeblood in WoW: Dragonflight

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In order to acquire the weekly quest to obtain Renascent Lifeblood and start earning charges for the Revival Catalyst, you first have to unlock it. To begin, you need to pick up the quest Reviving the Machine from Watcher Koranos atop the Seat of the Aspects in Valdrakken. He is located at 55, 41 in the city hub, way up at the highest point.

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Once you have the quest, fly to the location of the Revival Catalyst at 60, 53 in Tyrhold, and speak to the NPC Antuka next to the machine. This will officially unlock the Revival Catalyst and grant each character on your account a charge to use it.

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This same NPC will then offer a weekly quest called Revival Catalyst that spans all characters on your account. To complete it, you must partake in group content across the Dragon Isles to fill a percentage bar. Percentage can be earned from almost anything:

  • Killing Primalist Invasion rare mobs
  • Completing any of the weekly events across the Dragon Isles
  • Completing a Dragonflight dungeon
  • Killing a Dragonflight raid boss
  • Winning in PvP

Once filled, you can turn this quest in for a Renascent Lifeblood legendary item, which adds an additional Revival Catalyst charge for all characters on your account. Remember that each character can only hold a maximum of 6 charges at a time.

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