How to get Sea Turtle Eggs in Minecraft

Don’t crack these open early.

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Turtles are one of the more beloved reptiles in the animal kingdom, and their inclusion in Minecraft has made many shell fans happy. In the blocky worlds of Minecraft, turtles are passive mobs that will not attack you, so some people will want to get a Sea Turtle as a pet around their home. If you want to raise them from birth, here is how to get Sea Turtle Eggs in Minecraft.

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Where to find Sea Turtle Eggs in Minecraft

Sea Turtle Eggs can be found on beaches in ocean biomes. If a sea turtle has been bred, it can lay up to four eggs on one block. Be careful around them; stepping or landing on them can end up cracking them and ending in no baby sea turtles spawning.

If you have found some Sea Turtle Eggs out in the wild, the only way you can gather them and put them in your inventory is with a pickaxe that has the Silk Touch enchantment on it. If you break down the eggs with anything besides an item with Silk Touch, the egg will be destroyed, and nothing will spawn.

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When you have a Sea Turtle Egg in your possession, it will not hatch until you place it in another area and will only hatch during the night. If you want to have the Sea Turtle hatch at your home, put some Sand blocks and water for the turtle to explore and place the eggs on one of those Sand blocks. The turtle will remember that as its birthplace and return to lay eggs when it becomes an adult Turtle. From there, you will have Turtles consistently coming back, so you don’t need to fence them in unless you want to protect them from hostile mobs.