How to get a sponge in Minecraft

This block is the best solution for undersea construction.

Using a sponge in Minecraft

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If you need help clearing away the water from an overworld pond or cave’s subsurface lake in Minecraft, the sponge is the perfect block for the job. If you have ever used this squishy tool to wash a car or scrub dishes in real life, then you already possess an adequate understanding of what its pixelated counterpart does in Minecraft. Namely, the sponge block can absorb the water of dozens of blocks in volume. Whether you want to dry up a river or clear out a lagoon for construction, the sponge can accomplish this without any extra effort or activation. 

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Where to find sponges in Minecraft

Get sponge in Minecraft from an Ocean Monument
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Finding and getting sponge blocks in Minecraft is a tricky task, as you first must locate an ocean monument, massive structures that spawn in aquatic biomes, such as the deep ocean variants. After you discover one using an ocean explorer map or stumble upon the ruins by accident, you must make your way inside to find the “sponge room.” We highly recommend having potions of water breathing and night vision to make the underwater expedition much more manageable. Furthermore, be mindful of the many Guardians swimming inside and outside the location.

How to make sponge in Minecraft

How to make dry sponge in Minecraft using a furnace
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Once you have found the sponge room in an ocean monument, the next step is retrieving each of the sponges one by one. A hoe with Aqua Affinity will make this procedure much easier. We advise placing down a door to create an air pocket just in case you run out of water-breathing potions. Next, set up a furnace to make a dry sponge Minecraft by smelting it like metal ingots.

Harvest one sponge, which will take approximately three minutes. Place the wet sponge into the furnace and then use its dry version to clear the water from the room. Wet sponges that are not underwater can be harvested in around 40 seconds, which is exceptionally faster than working underwater. Collect as many sponges as you wish before departing.

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How to use a sponge block in Minecraft

As explained above, you can use sponges to soak up water instantly. With such an ability, you can easily construct dry rooms underwater for creating subaquatic homes or chambers. Just remember to dry out the sponge in a furnace before using it again in Minecraft.