How to get Soul Guitar in Blox Fruits

Unleash your musical powers!

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Blox Fruits has many weapons that you can use to get powerful, but some are better than others. One of the best, mythical tier weapons is the Soul Guitar. To get this guitar you will have to run around the haunted areas and solve puzzles. In this guide, we will tell how you can easily solve the puzzles and get this guitar.

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How to obtain Soul Guitar in Blox Fruits

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To get Soul Guitar, you need to be at least level 2,300; otherwise, it’s impossible. If you are not at that level, grind, and level up. Once you are level 2,300, head to the Haunted Castle in the Third Sea. Here you need to find the Graveyard on the right side and go to the grave to pray at night during the full moon. Once you do that, your screen will go black, and the quest for getting the Soul Guitar will start.

Kill six skeletons in the same area, and you will get the message “excellent.” Now, you will have two lines of signs on the path leading to the main grave, and clicking on them will turn them white. You need to light the ones that have more graves on their side. If you are successful, you will get another message.

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After that, head inside the castle and talk to the ghost that appears in the first-floor room on the left. Now, head to the underground area in the same castle, and there will be another puzzle on the wall you need to solve. For this one, you need to set the rows in a specific order, and you can change them by simply clicking. Here is the order for each row.

  • For the first row, keep the first and second lines horizontal, the fourth one verticle, and the rest empty.
  • In the second row, keep the second and last lines horizontal and the rest empty.
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Lastly, you need to solve the tiles puzzle in the same room. For this puzzle, you need to change the titles’ colors by clicking on them. Set the colors as per the pipes above or in front of them. For example, the red pipe means the tile below or in front of it should be red. After you successfully do that will all the tiles, there will be a carriage in the room from where you can buy the Soul Guitar for 500 Bones, 250 Ectoplasm, 500 Fragments, and 1 Dark Fragment.