How to get Sugarcane and Sugarcane Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now you can make sugary snacks.

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As you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will unlock various plants that you will undoubtedly want to grow on your own farm. Of course, not all of the plants are available right away and require special actions if you want to unlock them. Sugarcane is one of the plants you won’t have access to at the start of the game. Instead, you will need to spend Dreamlight if you want to get it. Here is how you can get Sugarcane and Sugarcane Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find Sugarcane and Sugarcane Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are some plants that you can’t just find growing in random places. Even when you unlock a biome, these plants won’t be seen popping out of the ground. Instead, you will need to grow them yourself. This is the case for Sugarcane. To obtain Sugarcane, you first need to get your hands on the seeds. Sugarcane Seeds can be bought once you gain access to Dazzle Beach.

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Dazzle Beach is the biome to the south of the Peaceful Valley and will cost you around 1,000 Dreamlight to access. After gaining access to this location, you can find Goofy’s Stall next to the dock. Interact with the orange Scrooge McDuck sign and pay the small fee to get the stall up and running again. Sugarcane will be one of the first types of seeds that you will have access to. You can upgrade the cart to gain access to more items like Tomatoes.

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Plant the Sugarcane Seeds in the ground in any biome, water them, and wait. They will grow into a full-size Sugarcane plant in about seven minutes and produce one Sugarcane each. If you want to get more Sugarcane, unlock Wall-E and his garden. Wall-E will periodically plant Sugarcane in his garden and any other plants that you have unlocked.