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How to Feed All of the Critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley

I'm always down to befriend tiny animals, but feeding Disney Dreamlight Valley's critters isn't always easy.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of friends for you to interact with. While there are many Disney characters in the game, those aren’t who I am talking about here.

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I’m speaking about the various animals that can be seen hopping, crawling, and scurrying about the different biomes. Each of these critters can be interacted with and fed, but not all require the same treatment. Most importantly, not all of them are as approachable. I spent around an entire IRL hour trying to get a Crocodile to even look my way. To spare you some time, effort, and ragequits, here is how and what you can feed all of the critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

There are eleven different types of critters that you can find throughout the biomes of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Each of these critters is meant to be interacted with in a specific way. You can view all of the animals and their variants by going to the collections menu.

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Feeding an animal can be as simple as interacting with it, but not always. When you do get the chance to interact with one of these creatures, you will want to give them their favorite food. In return, they will reward you with a present of their own. These presents can be anything from seeds to memories.

How to Feed Squirrels in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Squirrels are probably the most common animal you will find in the game and are easy to spot in the Plaza biome. These critters are approachable and don’t need any special treatment to feed. You can’t feed a Squirrel you have already fed within 24 hours. A Squirrel’s favorite food is Peanuts which can only be gotten from Chez Remy after you upgrade the restaurant.

How to Feed Rabbits in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Rabbits are mainly found in the Peaceful Meadow and appear to be rather skittish at first. When you walk up to a Rabbit, it will run away from you. Chase after it, and it will stop. After a short while, the Rabbit will run away again. Chase after the Rabbit three times in a row, and it will allow you to approach it. A Rabbit’s favorite food is, of course, Carrots, which can be found in the Peaceful Meadow.

How to Feed Sunbirds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Sunbirds, like Squirrels, are one of the most approachable animals in the whole valley. If you haven’t had one of them come up to you during your time in the Sunlit Plaza, chase one down. They will accept you approaching them no matter what and love getting fed, Houseleek Flowers.

How to Feed Sea Turtles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Sea Turtles can only be found on Dazzle Beach and will hide in their shell when they see you approach. Don’t let this discourage you from interacting with them; they just need to get used to you. Stand next to a Sea Turtle when it hides in its shell, and it will eventually come out. When it does, you can feed it. Make sure to go fishing for plenty of Seaweed since that is a Sea Turtle’s favorite food.

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How to Feed Raccoons in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Raccoons are perhaps the most difficult of all the animals to feed. This is because they are highly paranoid and will scurry away at the sight of movement. When approaching a Raccoon, watch for it to go on alert. This is indicated by it going up on its hind legs and raising its head. During this time, stand still, or it will run away. When it goes back down, take a step or two and wait. Repeat until you reach the Raccoon. Raccoons can be found in the Forest of Valor, and their favorite food is Blueberries, which are located on bushes in the Forest of Valor.

How to Feed Foxes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Foxes, like Rabbits, won’t want you approaching them right away. You will need to give chase and go after them three times before they stop and let you approach them. Foxes can only be found in Frozen Heights. Their favorite food is White Sturgeon, which is also found in the area by interacting with orange fishing nodes.

How to Feed Crocodiles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Like Raccoons, Crocodiles are skittish and will run when you get close to them. As you approach, a Crocodile will raise and lower its head. When its head is raised, don’t move. When the head is lowered, approach slowly by taking only one or two steps and stopping. Repeat this until you reach the Crocodile. This critter is located in the Glade of Trust. A Crocodile’s favorite food is Lobster, which can be obtained by fishing the orange nodes in the waters of the Glade of Trust.

How to Feed Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Ravens can be found in the Forgotten Lands and are pretty easy to feed. To feed a Raven, you only need to walk up to it. The Raven will start flying over your head before swooping back down. Once it swoops back down, you can walk up to the Raven and feed it. A Raven’s favorite food is any five-star meal. It’s a bit of a tough ask, but if you know plenty of the recipes in the game, you can easily whip up a five-star meal for a Raven to enjoy.

How to Feed Capybaras in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Capybaras are super approachable critters in DDV. Just walk up to them and press the Interact button. You can find them all over Eternity Isle’s The Wild Tangle. Their favorite food is Bamboo, so make sure to grab some from the Grasslands to befriend them.

How to Feed Monkeys in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Monkeys are a ball full of energy in DDV. They’ll want you to chase them around three times before they actually let you approach them. Once you’re near them, make sure to feed them a Banana Split.

How to Feed Cobras in Disney Dreamlight Valley

DDV Cobras Guide
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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Cobras won’t welcome you straight away. To befriend a Cobra in DDV, you’ll have to be extra careful not to trigger it by playing a game of red light and green light. When the Cobra looks down, approach. When it raises its head, stand still. Once you get its attention, toss an Egg its way to befriend it.

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