How to get Sulfur in Palworld – farming locations and how to mine it

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Sulfur in Palworld is very important, especially when you dive into the game’s more unique mechanics (for a critter-collection game, at least). If you are looking to arm your Pals against the dangers of the world, then you will need Sulfur.

To make getting your hands on Sulfur in Palworld as quick and painless as possible, we have some very useful information for you, including maps of where you will need to go to get this important resource.

Where to find Sulfur in Palworld

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To get Sulfur in Palworld, you must visit the desert biome, which is located in the north of the map. Those brave enough can also head to the Volcano biome to the west, where even more Sulfur can be found. These two regions will yield the most of this valuable resource and should be primary farming areas.

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Sulfur will appear in the game as a large yellow, brown, and slightly green-tinged rock. They don’t appear in any particular area in these biomes and will just randomly spawn. You will need to use a Metal Pickaxe to smash up the rock, which will then yield the Sulfur you need.

You may also come across some suspiciously yellow and green rocks when you are exploring dungeons. If you do, make sure you whomp them with your Metal Pickaxe because you don’t want to leave any resources behind. Those spawns are not guaranteed to spawn here, however, so it is best to look at it as just a bonus item you can farm while exploring dungeons rather than the best way to get the resource.

What is Sulfur used for in Palworld?

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The primary use of Sulfur in Palworld will be for Gunpowder. This vital item is locked away behind your Technology points at level 21. You can combine a single piece of Sulfur with two pieces of Charcoal to produce Gunpowder. To perform this process, you will need to ensure you have a High-Quality Work Bench, and you’ll get access to that at Technology level 11.

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