How to Get Ruby & What it’s Used for in Palworld

Palworld is filled with all sorts of items for players to collect and build with, but some, like the Ruby, are rarer than others.

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There are what seems like hundreds of items in Palworld for players to collect, refine, and eventually use to craft all the automation they’ll need to become the strongest tamer in the world. However, some items, such as the Ruby, are meant for a different purpose.

In Palworld, players are given the ability to capture creatures called Pals and the instruction to build a base. From there, they’ll develop what will end up being a small city filled with Pals completing various tasks for the player so they can focus on Dungeon crawling and beating bosses. But there are items, such as the Ruby, that don’t fall into the automation grind and should instead be coveted as some of the rarest and most precious resources in the game.

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How to Get Ruby in Palworld

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To get Ruby in Palworld, players must either find it in chests or pick it up as loot drops from defeated Pals. We found Ruby in the Falls Mineshaft location shown above. It’s where Fenglope spawns, but players should be able to move behind it while it’s distracted and grab the Ruby from the chest if they’re quick.

Ruby is also an incredibly rare drop from Direhowl, Relaxaurus, and Vanwyrm. These boss Pals can be farmed using fast travel points to move between major locations and fight them. However, players need to have a powerful Pal team to take them down. If not, they’ll be destroyed in the fight.

Instead, it’s better to seek out known sources such as the one we’ve outlined. Those same chests can also spawn in Dungeons for players to grab once they’ve defeated the bosses inside. These chests only spawn inside those Dungeons, so Ruby can’t be farmed outside of them unless players battle boss Pals.

Ruby is one of the rarest resources in Palworld, which is why it’s almost always guarded by a powerful Pal boss. We’ve attempted to sneak past high-level Pal bosses, and it’s never gone well for us. Each time, we end up getting beaten up and sent back to our base. Players must stick to Dungeons and bosses they know they can beat before they begin farming Ruby.

What is Ruby Used for in Palworld?

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The only use for Ruby in Palworld is to be sold to a Merchant for 500 Gold. The best one for players to use is the Small Settlement Merchant, which can be found in the Small Settlement location close to the early region of the game.

We recommend taking all Ruby to this Merchant because that Gold can be used to buy items that will make progression through the various Pal Box upgrades so much faster. There’s no reason to try to get everything legitimately when a Merchant can sell the rarest items.

However, players might want to hold onto every Ruby the find and sell them all at once so they can visit a Black Marketeer to buy a rare Pal they don’t have in their Paldeck. Given the price of some of those Pals, players will need a huge stack of Gold, which they could get by selling lots of Ruby.

How to Farm Ruby in Palworld

Petallia Palworld Best Healer Pal
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To farm Ruby in Palworld, players should equip themselves with powerful weapons and Pals, then head out to fast travel points close to Dungeons and work their way through them along a route. This route will allow players to fast travel back to their base at any point, giving them a chance to recuperate after a particularly tough fight.

The most important part of a farming route is knowing where the Dungeons are located. Players should be able to hop to a fast travel point and go straight for the Dungeon with little effort. Players need to optimize the route so they spend as much time as possible moving and gathering Ruby rather than fighting Pals, so low-level Dungeons are the best ones to aim for.

Any players hoping to make the most of their time in Palworld should be reading our complete guide. It’s packed with every useful guide we’ve written to help players regardless of how many dozens of hours they’ve managed to sink into the game.