How to get Tallbird eggs in Don’t Starve

Who wants bacon and eggs?

Image via Don’t Starve wiki

While roaming around the rockylands biome, you may come across an odd-looking bird with one eye: these are Tallbirds. They’re flightless birds who will attack you if you get close enough as they’re protecting a precious item, a Tallbird egg. These eggs can be hard to snatch since they’re protected but rest assured, they can be obtained.

Your main obstacle is to get rid of the Tallbird protecting its egg, which may seem daunting, but it is doable. You can either lead the enemy away from the nest or kill it altogether. Tallbirds will chase you a far distance, so if you can keep their attention long enough and bring them far enough away to double back to their nest, you can scoop the egg from their clutches.

Fighting is also a valuable option, as Tallbirds are relatively easy to kill. The main thing you want to do before attempting this, is to prepare accordingly. Make sure you at least have a log suit and football helmet for protection as Tallbirds can kill you quickly if you aren’t wearing anything. You’ll also want a decent weapon, so crafting a spear or ham bat would also be good. If you’re quick enough, you can kite the Tallbirds attacks by attacking them once, running away, and then coming in for another attack, rinse and repeat.

Image via Don’t Starve Wiki

Tallbird eggs are a great food source since they don’t spoil and can be used for bacon and eggs in a crockpot. To craft this recipe, all you will need is a single Tallbird egg, a twig, and 2 sources of meat like monster meat. Because they don’t spoil, they can also be kept in chests for emergencies, like being stored next to a resurrection stone for fast food.

Tallbirds respawn after two and a half days, so eggs are abundant. Don’t get intimidated, and just go for it if you want their eggs. They’re a lot easier to get than you think.