How to get the trash can in Don’t Starve

Taking out the trash.

Image via Klei

If you get far enough in any playthrough of Don’t Starve, you’ll accumulate a lot of stuff. Your chests will fill, backpacks will become overstuffed, and your base will start to feel incredibly crowded. So how do you get rid of your things, and where is the trash can where you can throw away your stuff?

The unfortunate thing about Don’t Starve is that there isn’t a trash can mechanic like in Stardew Valley. However, there is a strange method you can use to delete items/things you don’t want permanently. This method is the Lureplant, a plant that spawns hostile Eyeplants that will eat anything and even have their own inventory. So if you give something to an Eyeplant but you want it back, all you have to do is kill it and get it back. Eyeplants have low health, so they’re easy to get rid of.

The thing about Lureplants is that they randomly spawn, and can grow in any biome. The best season to look for them is the Spring, and if you kill a Lureplant and take its Fleshy Bulb and replant it where you want it to spawn. Once planted, it will take two days for the Eyeplants to start generating and allow you to discard anything unwanted you may have.

Image via Don’t Starve Wiki

Lureplants and Eyeplants are also great for constructing automatic farms. You can place a Fleshy Bulb in the middle of a group of twigs and grass, and the Eyeplants will harvest them for you. Additionally, you can plant them in the savannah biome around a bunch of rabbit holes and get a lot of easy meat. They work for both collecting and getting rid of things.

Although it may prove difficult to find, the Lureplant is great for getting rid of any unwanted items you may have. It’s not the same as having a trash can mechanic, but it’s still better than crafting an endless amount of chests to store things in.