How to get Thaumic Distillate in Warframe

Down in the nines.

EVE Online

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Thaumic Distillate is a new resource in Warframe. The first thing you are likely to need it for is to make Xaku, the Warframe that was introduced to the game with the Heart of Deimos update.

To get Thaumic Distillate, you will need to speak with Otak in the Necralisk. Otak is the NPC in charge of all mining-related activities, and resources, on the Cambion Drift, the open-world portion of Deimos. He is marked on the Necralisk map by a small pickaxe symbol.

Where it gets a little rough is that you can only buy the blueprint for Thaumic Distillate when you get to the rank of Acquaintance, which is the second rank of the Entrati Syndicate. To do this, you will need to go through a process of getting Tokens that you can give to Grandmother to gain Standing, then when you hit the level cap you will need to visit Mother to rank up. We have a full guide on how to do this to help you out.

Thaumic Distillate

Once you have hit the rank of Acquaintance, you can visit Otak and purchase the Thaumic Distillate blueprint from him for 5000 Entrati Standing. You will need the following resources to make it in your Foundry:

  • 1000 Credits
  • 20 Thaumica
  • 20 Venerol
  • 4 Gallium
  • 15 Lucent Teroglobe

You can get Thaumica by mining on Deimos, just equip your mining laser and head for the small crystal icons that will appear on your minimap. Look for the yellow mineral veins to get a chance at having Thaumica drop. Venerol can be mined on Orb Vallis at red mineral veins, while Gallium is a resource that shows up early in the game and can be farmed on Mar. Lucent Teroglbobe can be obtained by breaking open containers on the Cambion Drift.

Requiem Pylons

Requiem Pylons can be found all over the Cambion Drift, spawing in a set number of random locations each time you load into the area. These can be activated with your Amp and will cause enemies to spawn nearby. The Pylon will have an effect on the enemies, depending on the Pylon type. Killing the affected enemies with your Amp will then cause rare resources to drop from the Pylon. Some of the Pylons are better than others for farming, so you should try the ones listed below.


Slows nearby enemies. Kill enemies who are slowed with your amp.


Blinds nearby enemies. Kill enemies who are blinded with your amp.


Tethers enemies to the tower. Kill them with your amp for drops.