How to get the 2nd Anniversary Cape in Minecraft Dungeons

Party time! Bring your cape!

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Anniversary events are always a great time to celebrate how far a game has come since its launch. Whether it had a smooth or rocky launch, online game anniversaries are usually the best areas for development teams and that game’s community to come together and enjoy the product. This May, Minecraft Dungeons is celebrating its second birthday. Among the new items added in the game to celebrate is the 2nd Anniversary Cape, along with other weapons and armor pieces that can make you stronger on your missions. Here is how to get the 2nd Anniversary Cape in Minecraft Dungeons.

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How to get the 2nd Anniversary Cape in Minecraft Dungeons

The Anniversary Cape in Minecraft Dungeons has limited time availability, only during the anniversary event which takes place from May 25 to June 15. During this time, players will be able to compete in Seasonal Trials, where you can earn various items, including a cake helmet, armor, and a Sparkler weapon.

To earn the Anniversary Cape, you need to complete six Seasonal Trials in the game’s main missions. You can find Seasonal Trials by going to the mission select screen and finding a level with the purple icon above it. You can check your current progress on trials completed at any time.

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After you have completed enough Seasonal Trials and unlocked the Anniversary Cape, you can equip it to your character to show off your accomplishment. Unfortunately, the cape is merely a cosmetic change and does not add any bonus buffs or stats to you. Still, showing your dedication to the game will earn you this nice little freebie to show off.

After you get your cape, you should also consider hopping into the Tower to attempt the challenge trial and earn the Baby Moobloom pet.