How to get the Aloy skin for free in Fortnite – Aloy Cup details

The perfect mix of mechanical and primal.

Image via Gamepur

Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn is making her way to Fortnite, and players will have a chance to get their hands on the skin for free, if they have the skills.

Beginning April 15, 2021, items from Horizon Zero Dawn will arrive in Fortnite, including the Aloy Outfit which includes her Blaze Canister Back Bling, Aloy’s Spear Pickaxe, Glinthawk Glider, Shield-Weaver Wrap, the Heart-rizon Emote, and Aloy the Skywatcher Loading Screen (bundle only). Anyone that owns the Aloy Outfit and plays Fortnite on their PlayStation 5 will unlock the Ice Hunter Aloy Style!

How to get Aloy for free

PlayStation 5 players are in luck, as they will have a chance to get their hands on the bundle early, and for free. On Wednesday, April 14 the Aloy Cup will be available only on PlayStation consoles. Regional start times for the Cup can be found in-game under the Compete Tab.

Your Epic Account level must be level 30 and have Two-Factor Authentication enabled to participate. The top-performing teams in each region will receive the Horizon Zero Dawn Bundle before it hits the Item Shop.

Players on all other platforms will need to wait until Aloy arrives in the shops to get their hands on the skin.

Team Up! Aloy and Lara

A Limited Time Mode is on the way that will feature Aloy and Lara Croft. Based around Duos, players will automatically be outfitted as either Aloy or Lara Croft in a loot-locked battle with only the craftable Bow (Aloy) and Dual Pistols (Lara) at your disposal. Keep an eye out for wildlife, master your crafting skills to upgrade your weapons and earn the ultimate Primal Victory Royale.