How to get the Archangel Wings in Final Fantasy XIV

On wings of hope, you rise up through the night, higher — oh, higher…

Excitatron 6000

Screenshot by Gamepur

Archangel Wings are a new fashion item added in Patch 6.05 in Final Fantasy XIV. Wings in general are very limited Fashion Items, with their various acquisitions requiring a decent amount of time invested into one of the many diversions in the game. This new item is no different, requiring you to test your luck. Here’s how to get the Archangel Wings in Final Fantasy XIV.

The easiest, and yet the most expensive method, is to simply buy them off the Market Board. Prices vary based on server, but it’s not a far stretch to assume that this item will cost several millions of Gil for a long time.

The cheaper, and yet much more difficult method, is to find the Archangel Wings in the Excitatron 6000 Treasure Dungeon. This will require you to gather Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps — or again, purchase them from the Market Board — and form a party of eight. You can only obtain the Archangel Wings from the final chamber in the dungeon, which requires no small amount of luck to reach in the first place. Furthermore, only one pair will drop, requiring you to win rolls against your party members to obtain the item. Needless to say, you can expect to be doing several maps before seeing even one, let alone winning the item.