How To Get The Backpack In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Navigating the jungle in Metal Gear Solid 3 is a challenge to overcome for many new players, and you’re going to need your backpack to do it.

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We’ve all been there in Metal Gear Solid 3—brand new game mechanics—and just taking in the new car smell can be daunting for those new to tactical espionage missions in the jungle. But first, we have to locate that pesky backpack.

The opening cutscene still never fails to impress, even after all these years. Seeing Snake glide down from an airplane thousands of meters in the air is a gratifying way to start the game. Unfortunately, during the drop, he leaves something important behind that he’s going to need in order to complete the mission: his backpack. In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, the backpack carries everything from items to weapons, and unless you plan to stare at enemies to death, you’re going to want to get those back.

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How To Get The Backpack in Metal Gear Solid 3

Screenshot by Gamepur

To get the backpack in Metal Gear Solid 3, you’re going to need to look up into the trees. The tree you’re searching for is just north of your initial starting location. The climbing sequences in this game are pretty different from past titles in the Metal Gear Solid series. For example, trees are climbable if you know what to look for, which is the funny-looking carvings that kind of resemble ladder steps. Use this tutorial of sorts to learn about climbing, shimmying, and hanging from trees. It’ll come in handy in many parts of the early and mid-game.

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In terms of game mechanics, all you need to do is approach the tree with the carvings and press the action button (triangle for PlayStation, Y for Xbox) to interact with it. Once you reach the top, climb onto the ledge and press the action button again to hang from the ledge. The game will automatically shift to a cutscene and some more dialogue. Get used to it; that’ll be happening a lot. Lastly, use this time to experiment with climbing and hanging from ledges; it’ll help get the drop on enemies easier as they rarely look up in the Metal Gear Solid series.