How to get the best bow build in Wild Hearts

Bow down.


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Wild Hearts has overtaken RPG fans’ screens since its release. One of the most compelling aspects of the game is the variety of weapons available to players. From massive greatswords to rapid-firing bows, the game offers an arsenal of unique and deadly tools for players to hunt Kemonos with. However, players have come to notice how overpowered one particular weapon is: the bow. It is a flexible, highly versatile weapon with ridiculous burst damage. In this guide, you’ll learn how to master the way of the bow and get the best bow build in Wild Hearts.

What is the Best Bow to Craft in Wild Hearts?

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In Wild Hearts, you can craft weapons at Natsume’s forge. The weapons you craft can also later be upgraded. 

A few of your initial bows include the Edgestone Bow 2 and Creeping Vine Bow 2, which can be solid damage dealers. The Edgestone Bow deals water damage, which will come in handy when fighting against the Lavaback Kemono. The Creeping Bow, on the other hand, deals massive unaspected damage, making all your encounters faster.

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If you’re nearing the end of the game, you can craft the Yashima Bow. Its -20% critical rate might seem unappealing, but it’s not a factor you should consider in your bow build. The bow deals massive burst damage instead of relying on a single critical hit. By consistently dealing 117 points of damage, the Yashima bow stands as your best late-game option.

What skills should you inherit to get the best bow build?

Wild Hearts skill inheritance allows you to pass down skills from previously unlocked nodes to future nodes. In fact, if you’re the farming kind, you can even unlock the entire tree farm with as many passive skills as you want.

The best passive traits you want to inherit are:

  • Extreme Archery: reduces your stamina loss
  • Broken Beast Screaming Arrow: increases your damage
  • Fusion Reaper: recovers Karakuri faster
  • Nocking Marvel: reduces bolstering time

The first two skills will help you manage your stamina and increase the damage you deal. That means you can deal even more relentless, deadly damage each time. The last two give you a boost on the two mechanics you’ll be using a lot: a bolstered bow and your Karakuri.

What are the best bow combos in Wild Hearts?

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Here are some of the best combos you can try with your bow.

  • Single-target combo

Bolster or charge your bow once in Haya Stance + Stack up arrows on the enemy + Fire once in Otoya stance to blow arrows up. You can use box Karakuris to jump in the air and detonate your arrows from above the enemy. 

  • Area of effect combo

Bolster or charge your bow twice in Haya Stance + Stack up arrows on the enemy + Fire once in Otoya stance to blow the arrows up.

  • Boss combo

Bolster or charge your bow twice in Otoya stance + Charge your Otoya stance to shoot and explode simultaneously. This combo will deal massive damage but can quickly deplete your stamina bar, so use it sparsely.