How to get the best price for your goods in Farming Simulator 22

Make more money than you know what to do with.


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The key to success in Farming Simulator 22 is growing the best crops and selling them to the people who will pay you the most for them. The market fluctuates all the time in the game, meaning at some points, there will be a bakery that will pay you the most for your grain, while at others, it might be more profitable to ship your grain by train to another region entirely. This guide will explain how to track the market and make the most money from every harvest.

Keep an eye on the stats

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can track the price of goods in the prices screen in the menu. It contains a list of every product you can sell on the left-hand side and their prices on the right. You’ll notice when people or places put their prices up or down for goods because this screen will track it. When you know where you want to sell your goods, you can select the location from the right-hand side of the screen and set a waypoint for it on the map. This will cause the location to flash on both your main map and your mini-map.

All you need to do now is drive your goods to the location and sell them. This is quite simple for grain because you can dump it and drive away, while you may need to deliver pallets for grape juice and cakes, and even herd cattle if you’re delivering livestock.