How to harvest and sell grains in Farming Simulator 22

Cut it, sell it, and move on.


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Grains such as wheat and barley will be core crops that you grow in Farming Simulator 22. However, whether you’re harvesting them from your fields or a neighboring farmer’s, it’s still a challenge to get your head around the whole process when you’re starting. This guide explains how to harvest grains and take them to the point of sale.

Step 1: Start with the combine harvester

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The first thing you need to do is hop into your combine harvester and harvest the field. It should be clear which piece of machinery this is, whether it’s yours or you’re renting it from a shop. The important thing to note is that you need the harvest attached to the front of the combine. Otherwise, you won’t harvest anything. Once you’ve attached that, start the harvester and drive through the field of grain. The combine will cut it and store the grain inside, and you can track how full it is by watching the gauge next to your speedometer.

Step 2: Empty the grain

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Once the combine harvester is full, you’ll need to empty it. What you do next depends on where the drop-off point for the grain is. If you’re harvesting your own field, you should have a silo nearby, so you can drive the combine over to it, push out the pipe, and dump the grain into the silo. Then, you can get back to harvesting the field. If, however, the drop-off point is further away, such as a train station, then you’ll need to dump the grain from the combine into a trailer. You can do this by pulling a trailer alongside the combine and having the combine empty its grain into that trailer. After that, you can go back to harvesting if there’s still more to do.

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Step 3: Sell your grain

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The final step in this process is to drive the trailer full of grain to the point of sale. This could be a train station, store, or bakery. It depends on where you or your client wants you to sell it. If you already have a trailer full of grain, drive it to the point of sale and dump it in the specified area. If you don’t have a trailer full of grain yet, drive it under your silo’s pipe and wait for your trailer to be filled. Regardless, make sure you cover your trailer before driving it to the point of sale, or you’ll lose grain. You’ll be paid upon completion of the job or when your grain is dumped at the point of sale.