How to get the best sniper rifle, the MBP .50, in Far Cry 6

Better than all the rest.

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The MBP .50 is one of, if not, the most devastating weapons in Far Cry 6. Its power and high precision are unmatched, and as it’s the best sniper rifle in the game, it will be relatively hard to get it. Here are the two ways you find the MBP.50.

Head to the capital

The MBP .50 is hard to get as a weapon drop as you’ll have to venture into the dangerous streets of Esperenza. At rank 10, it is next to impossible for a beginner of the game to pick up the valuable sniper rifle. Like the M133 shotgun, the MBP .50 is a random weapon drop within the vicinity of the city, so it’s not in one dedicated place. For this method, keep opening FND caches around Esperenza to get the weapon. It may take a while or you might get lucky.

There is another way

If you are unable to find the MBP .50 from an FND cache in Esperenza, you can also unlock it by buying it from the Guerrilla Garrison. But here’s the thing; you can’t buy the sniper rifle until it’s fully upgraded at the Construction Desk in your main camps. You’ll have to gather enough metal and gasolina to fully upgrade the garrison. You can do this by taking over FND bases and delivering enemy convoy trucks to a base. Once it’s completely upgraded, you can buy the weapon for a costly 3,850 Yaran Pesos.