How to get the Casual Attire outfit in Final Fantasy XIV

Dress up in casual clothes for glamour.

Image via Square Enix

Released alongside the final rankings for the Ishgardian Restoration, patch 5.41 in Final Fantasy XIV has a few new treats. The Casual Attire clothes are great for simple, casual glamour. But getting the clothes yourself will take some work and a lot of luck. You could get them on your first try, or you might be stuck trying over and over again.

Win the prize from the Kupo of Fortune

To get the Casual Attire clothes, you’ll have to play the Kupo of Fortune mini-game in the Firmament. In order to reach the Firmament, though, you’ll have to unlock the Ishgardian Restoration in Ishgard. Turning in crafted collectible items to Potkin (X:12.2, Y:14.6) for the Ishgardian Restoration earns you Kupo Stamps. You can then speak with Lizbeth next to Potkin, who will let you play the Kupo of Fortune game with your stamps. Playing this scratch lottery-like game will earn you certain prizes. Among them is the “Casual Attire Coffer.” If you’re lucky enough to get the coffer, use the item, and each piece of the Casual Attire set will appear in your inventory.

Buy the clothes on the market board

If you’re not having any luck with the Kupo of Fortune game, go to the market board instead. You may find the “Casual Attire Coffer” item for sale. Prices are ridiculous on our server, with the coffer going for an exorbitant 9,000,000 gil. You could also purchase the individual Casual Jacket, Halfslops, or Boots if you really just want one item on its own. You might get ripped off buying each piece separately, since the coffer itself rewards you with the full Casual Attire outfit. Be sure to compare individual prices with the coffer on your server.