How to get the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest

The killing machine.

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In order to survive in Sons of the Forest, players will need different tools to navigate through the tricky world of the game. One of the tools that players will often use in their gameplay to cut down trees or slaughter enemies is a chainsaw. Naturally, many players would be looking to acquire this tool, and if you are in the same boat, refer to the guide below.

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Where to get the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest

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Before getting your hands on the Chainsaw, you must acquire Guest Keycard. Fortunately, both the Chainsaw and Guest Keycard are located in the same location, so you don’t have to make an extra trip . Make your way to the marked location on the GPS to enter a secret facility inside a cave. The entrance is very slim, so that you might miss it at first glance. Regardless, navigate your way through the close passageway of the cave, which should lead you into the facility. Here, you need the Maintenance keycard to unlock the facility doors. Upon entering, keep moving forward until you reach a lobby with two staircases. Continue your journey, and you’ll eventually reach a nightclub where a corpse should be lying on a table. The Guest Keycard should be on the table.

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Once you get the Guest Keycard, go to the swimming pool room and enter the room on your right side using the Guest Keycard. Keep moving through the passageway until you reach the movie theater room. Here, look for a corpse on a yellow bean bag that contains Chainsaw.

Alternatively, you can also craft the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest. However, you’ll need to obtain 1 chainsaw organically via the previously mentioned method. Once you have Chainsaw, it will also give you the blueprint so you can craft more of it using 1 Chainsaw and 1 Battery.