How to get the Corufell in Warframe

A gun for every blade.

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The Corufell is a heavy scythe melee weapon players can build in Warframe. In the Citrine’s Last Wish update, a new Frame, a pair of signature weapons, and a revamped mode were added to the long-running, free-to-play action game. Corufell isn’t just a melee weapon; it can transform into a Gunblade and fire powerful ranged projectiles. This guide will explain how to get the Corufell weapon in Warframe.

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How to build the Corufell Heavy Scythe in Warframe

Like other weapons, the Corufell Heavy Scythe weapon can be earned for free or by spending Warframes premium currency, Platinum. This melee weapon can be purchased for 175 Platinum and requires Master Rank 8 to use. This weapon is also featured in a bundle called the Crystal Bastion Collection. This collection costs 740 Platinum and includes this weapon and Citrine herself.

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The primary method to obtain this weapon is in the Mirror Defense mode. This mission can be found on the Tyana Pass node on Mars. This weapon’s Blueprint and its components can drop as rewards when you complete five successful waves. The Rania and Belric Crystal Fragments you earn playing this mission allow you to purchase this weapon and its parts directly from Otak, located in the Necralisk.

All Corufell Blueprints and how to build them in Warframe

To construct the Corufell, you need its Blueprint and its three components. Once you have them all, you can begin building this weapon in the Foundry inside your Orbiter.

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Corufell Blueprint

  • 300 Belric Crystals
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 3 Orokin Cells
  • 500 Rania Crystals
  • Corufell Barrel
  • Corufell Handle
  • Corufell Receiver

Corufell Barrel

  • 150 Belric Crystals
  • 250 Rania Crystals

Corufell Receiver

  • 150 Belric Crystals
  • 250 Rania Crystals

Corufell Stock

  • 150 Belric Crystals
  • 250 Rania Crystals

Forge this weapon and wield it with Citrine to maximize its potential as a melee and ranged weapon to clear out large groups of enemies with a single attack.