How to get the Steflos Shotgun in Warframe

Click, click, boom.

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The Steflos Shotgun is a Primary weapon players can wield in Warframe. This shotgun is a powerful weapon, capable of crowd control and inflicting multiple status ailments easily. Steflos is one of Citrine’s signature weapons, and its capabilities are increased when she uses it. This guide will explain how to get the Steflos Shotgun in Warframe.

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How to unlock the Steflos Shotgun in Warframe

Purchase Steflos Shotgun using Platinum

The Steflos shotgun can be earned in three different ways. The more expensive route requires Platinum, Warframes premium currency. You can purchase it directly for 240 Platinum in the Market. This weapon is also featured in the Crystal Bastion Collection bundle, which costs 740 Platinum and includes the Steflos shotgun, Citrine, and other items.

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Earn Steflos Shotgun from competing in Mission Defense mode

To earn the weapon without spending your precious Platinum, you must head to Tyana Pass. This node is located on Mars and is home to a mode called Mission Defense. After five successful waves, you will earn a reward and a choice to continue or leave the fight. This reward has a chance of being the Steflos Blueprint or its components.

Buy Steflos Shotgun from Otak

If you don’t want to rely on luck, the Rania and Belric Crystal Fragments you earn by playing this mission allow you to buy them directly from Otak, located in the Necralisk hub.

All Steflos Blueprints and how to build them in Warframe

Like every Warframe and weapon, you need the primary Blueprint and each component to construct the Steflos in your Foundry. These are all the costs and resources for each piece.

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Steflos Blueprint

  • 500 Belric Crystals
  • 20,000 Credits
  • 4 Neurodes
  • 300 Rania Crystals
  • Steflos Barrel
  • Steflos Receiver
  • Steflos Stock

Steflos Barrel

  • 250 Belric Crystals
  • 150 Rania Crystals

Steflos Receiver

  • 250 Belric Crystals
  • 150 Rania Crystals

Steflos Stock

  • 250 Belric Crystals
  • 150 Rania Crystals

Assemble this weapon and wield it with Citrine to augment her potent support abilities with this devastating crowd-control shotgun.