How to get the Cruise Chaser (2020) mount in Final Fantasy XIV Online

It’s a hefty price for an amazing item.

Many players in Final Fantasy XIV have been eagerly awaiting the return of the Cruise Chaser mount from 2020, and now, it’s returned. However, for those who missed out on adding this epic mount to your collection, you have a limited time to grab it before it disappears again. The Cruise Chaser (2020) mount released to the online store during The Moonfire Faire 2021 Festival from August 13 to 27.

The 2020 version of the Cruise Chaser is an optional item, and it’s on sale in the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. You will have to pay real-world money for this mount, which gives you the Cruise Chaser Identification Key.

So long as you’re willing to pay the price for the item, you can add it to your collection. It’s a mount that changes based on if you’re flying with it or running around. While you’re running around, the Cruise Chaser will be in a standing, mech-like form, where you’ll be riding on one of its shoulders. When you fly with it, your character will be gripping the top of the Cruise Chaser’s wings as it speeds you across the landscape to your destination.

The transformation aspect of the mount is highly appealing and is sure to make anyone jealous of your ride. The Cruise Chaser will be available alongside the other optional mounts available in the Final Fantasy XIV Online store.