How to get the Crusader Pistol in Fallout 76

One of the primary Brotherhood of Steel weapons.

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The Crusader Pistol is a Brotherhood of Steel weapon that you can craft in Fallout 76. This weapon is always a legendary item and is well worth obtaining if you have a build that uses pistols. Of course, like most legendary items in the game, you will need to work for this one. You can only obtain the Crusader Pistol by special means and it won’t be easy. We recommend you be at least level 50 before obtaining this weapon.

How to obtain the Crusader Pistol

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To obtain the Crusader Pistol, you will need to craft it. Each time you craft the item, it will be a legendary with between one and three legendary perks on it. To obtain the plans to craft the item, you will need to test your luck in the Daily Ops missions. The plan for the Crusader Pistol counts as a rare drop so the chance of getting it isn’t extremely high.

You can also get the plan from Minerva as part of her rotating inventory whenever she makes an appearance. Of course, it isn’t guaranteed that she will have the pistol when she comes to Appalachia. After getting the plan, you will be able to get the Crusader Pistol as a legendary reward by completing events or by purchasing random weapons from the Purveyor.

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How to craft the Crusader Pistol

Crafting the Crusader Pistol takes a fair number of materials. We recommend that you reach level 50 before crafting the item so you can create the strongest version possible. You will need the following items to craft the pistol:

  • 12 Aluminum
  • 9 Adhesive
  • 12 Screws
  • 14 Springs
  • 18 Steel

The materials above are the ones needed to craft a level 50 version of the Crusader Pistol. You can craft this item as low as level 30. To craft this weapon, you will need to have the Gunsmith perk card equipped and ranked up to level three. If you are looking to get mods for the weapon, you can buy them from Regs in Vault 79.