How to get the Sole Survivor weapon in Fallout 76

One shot, one kill.

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The Sole Survivor makes an appearance in Fallout 76 and we aren’t talking about the protagonist from Fallout 4. Instead, the Sole Survivor is a powerful weapon that is great if you are going for a rifle build with your character. This lever-action rifle acts like other weapons of its type but comes pre-equipped with Forceful Stock, Suppressor, and Night Vision Scope attachments. If you are up to the challenge, this is one weapon that is worth getting.

How to get the Sole Survivor weapon

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The Sole Survivor isn’t a weapon that you can just obtain from doing a mission or completing some sort of task. To get the Sole Survivor weapon, you will need to build it at a weapons workbench. Before you can build the weapon, you will need to get your hands on the plan for it. Each time you craft this weapon, it will come with the same legendary perks:

  • +50% damage to human
  • +50 damage resistance while aiming
  • +25% damage while aiming

To obtain the plan for this weapon, you will need to complete the Daily Op mission. This mission becomes available after going to Watoga and completing the Breaking Radio Silence mission. To get the best chance of obtaining the plan for this weapon, you will want to complete the Daily Op mission in under eight minutes. This will guarantee that you get a rare reward.

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Outside of the Daily Op Mission, you can obtain the plan for this weapon by talking to Minerva. Minerva is a special vendor that travels between Fort Atlas, Crater, and Foundation offering various goods. Her inventory changes each week so there is no guarantee when you will get the plan for this weapon from her. Make sure you have the Gold Bullion required if you plan on purchasing the plans from her. Once you have the plans, you can craft the weapon using the following items:

  • Two Adhesive
  • One Gear
  • Two Legendary Modules
  • One Oil
  • Seven Screws
  • One Spring
  • 13 Steel
  • Three Wood

Unlike most legendary weapons in Fallout 76, you cannot obtain this weapon from the Purveyor or any events after learning the plans for it.