How to get the Dark Adventurer sails in Sea of Thieves

It’s going to cost you a lot of gold.

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The Dark Adventure Sails are one of the most expensive sails you can purchase in Sea of Thieves. The Dark Sails are highly desirable because of their cool aesthetics and their practical usefulness in sailing. Not only are the Black Sails expensive, but they are only in one location, and you must also have a specific status to buy them. Continue reading to learn where and how to get the infamous Dark Adventurer Sails in Sea of Thieves and be the coolest-looking pirate on the high seas.

How much are the Dark Adventurer Sails in Sea of Thieves?

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If you want to get your hands on the Dark Adventure Sails, you better save up, and you’ll need to save up a lot. The sails will cost you 8,268,750 Gold; the Dark Sails have one of the biggest price tags in the game. To earn that much money, you better hoard all the chests and skulls you gain while adventuring the oceans. To justify this immense price, the Dark Sails are good sails to use on your boat. The sails have a V-shape cut at the bottom, which increases visibility while sailing.

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Where can you buy the Dark Adventurer Sails?

The Dark Adventurer Sails are at Athena’s Fortune Shipwright, a shop that focuses on Ghost and Legendary ship cosmetics. To get to Athena’s Fortune Shipwright, you first need access to an ethereal portal that will take you to Athena’s Fortune Hideout. The shop is on the shipwright at the end of the dock at the Hideout. However, you’ll need to be a special title to access the ethereal portal.

What title do you need to buy the Dark Adventurer Sails?

You have to be a Pirate Legend to use the ethereal portal to Athena’s Fortune Shipwright and buy the Dark Adventurer Sails. You need to reach level 50 in three different Trading Companies and purchase the corresponding promotions to earn the title of Pirate Legend. Once you’ve become a Pirate Legend, you can gain access to the portal to Athena’s Hideout in a Tavern at every Outpost.