How to get the Family Guy Ribbon in BitLife

Lucky there’s a family guy.

BitLife is all about living a random life on your mobile phone. From the moment you are born, you will be faced with all kinds of predicaments and will need to decide how you wish to react to them.

How will you do in kindergarten and school? And how will this affect you in later life? It’s fun to play through a random life, and see where different decisions lead.

The game also has plenty of achievements, Ribbons you can collect if you manage to make the right choices and arrive at certain destinations in life.

One such achievement is the Family Guy Ribbon. It is hard to predict what kinds of incidents you will be faced with in life, but below you will find some rough details you should stick to if you want to get the Family Guy Ribbon.

To get the Family Guy Ribbon, you should try to stick to the following details:

  • Be born a male.
  • Don’t go to college, apply for a job straight out of high school.
  • Apply for the lowest paying job, normally a Cashier.
  • Date and marry the first girl that you meet.
  • Don’t have more than 2 children.
  • Ensure that you spend time with your family every year.
  • Buy a small house that suits your family.
  • Buy a car for under $10,000.
  • Live to be at least 85 years old.

It can be hard to make all the above happen in one game, as there is a degree of randomness to what will happen in your life, but the above seems to be pretty much required to get the Family Guy Ribbon.