How to get the Flag minion in Final Fantasy XIV

Find the lost reindeer.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Flag minion will be a slightly more difficult companion to add to your Final Fantasy XIV collection. You can only find it in a specific location, and it all comes down to being a little lucky. However, if your patience can handle it, you might be able to add this adorable reindeer to your minion collection. This guide will cover how to get a Flag minion in Final Fantasy XIV.

The only way players have discovered that they can find the Flag minion is by sending out retainers to complete Field Exploration tasks. You’ll need a Retainer to do these tasks, which you can unlock by reaching the Main Quest Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and then completing An Ill-conceived Venture, which you receive by speaking in one of the three major cities. In Ul’dah, you need to talk with a Troubled Adventurer at coordinates (X:9.3, Y:8.7), in Gridania the Troubled Adventured is at coordinates (X:11.8, Y:12.2), and in Limsa Lominsa the Troubled Adventurer is at coordinates (X:9.0, Y:11.2).

After completing the quest, you’ll unlock two retainers. All players receive two retainers, but you can choose to unlock more in the Final Fantasy XIV online store. When you’re ready, you’ll need to assign the Retainer to a Field Exploration task, and there’s a chance that when they come back, you’ll receive the Flag minion as a reward.