How to get The Flame of Frenzy incantation in Elden Ring

The flames of madness approach.

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Leave your mark on the world and the Tarnished within it with The Flame of Frenzy incantation. This mighty spell doesn’t take much Faith to use and allows you to fire yellow flames from your eyes that damage foes in a wide area. This spell deals a fair amount of damage, but also inflicts madness on the user. This incantation is best to use against other Tarnished, like NPCs and players because it also causes madness buildup for them. Here is how you can get The Flame of Frenzy incantation in Elden Ring.

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To obtain this incantation, you will need to make your way down to the Weeping Peninsula. This is the area to the south of Limgrave and can be accessed by crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice. Once you reach the Weeping Peninsula, you will want to activate the Site of Grace called the South of the Lookout Tower. This Site of Grace is located to the southeast of the Bridge of Sacrifice. Take the road from the east when it forks to reach this Site of Grace.

From the South of the Lookout Tower Site of Grace, head southeast up the hill in the forested area. You will come across a small town with frenzied enemies in it. This is the Ailing Village. Continue going up the hill and be careful to avoid the frenzied enemies since they can gang up on you. At the top of the hill, you will find the Callu Baptismal Church. Once inside the church, be sure to grab the Sacred Tear. Nearby, you will find a corpse with an item on it. The item is The Flame of Frenzy incantation.