Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen puzzle solution in Elden Ring

Cross the chasm, unlock the seal.

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High in the Mountaintops of the Giants lies a sealed wizard’s tower. At the base of its doorstep is an Imp statue with the message Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen, a riddle you must solve to unlock the seal on the tower. The solution to the puzzle is on the other side of the lakebed, and you’ll need to cross an invisible bridge over a wide chasm to find your way in.

How to find the Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen puzzle

From the Freezing Lake Site of Grace, head up into the graveyard to the west.

You’ll see a broken bridge extending a small way in the wizard tower’s direction. The bridge continues toward the tower but is invisible.

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How to Traverse the invisible bridge and solve the Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen puzzle

As the riddle states, if snow falls on the bridge, you’ll be able to see a ghostly outline of its surface. Walk onto the unseen bridge and travel about two-thirds of the way to the tower’s wall. Throw Rainbow Stones down in front of you, so you know whether there’s more bridge or not.

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At the two-thirds point, make an immediate left, and you’ll begin going upward. If you turn around and look at the valley below, the ramp up is directly across from a pair of spirit trees near the cliffside. Continue using rainbow stones to guide your way.

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You’ll quickly be able to see the broken railing on a balcony leading into the tower, but don’t go straight to it. To enter the tower, you’ll need to make a slight right turn when the path is roughly perpendicular to the broken railing.

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Once you’ve entered the tower, you’ll see the Heretical Rise location message on your screen. You’re not quite done, as even though the door up front has opened, several Marionette enemies will spam dozens of attacks shortly after you arrive. Clear them or let them kill you and make your way to the entrance, which should be unsealed. At the top of the Rise is a chest with the Founding Rain of Stars sorcery.