How to Get the Fortnite Galaxy Skin on Your Samsung Device

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We all know that fashion sense in Fortnite is almost as important as your win record; maybe even more so. If you’ve already picked up the Boogie Down emote and are a Samsung customer, you may want to unlock the exclusive Fortnite Galaxy skin as well. Read on for the simple steps to follow to unlock it on your Samsung Note 9 or Tab S4 as of August 24.

Fortnite Galaxy Skin

Popular live streamer, YouTuber, and arguably the best Fortnite player in the world, Ninja, has already received the exclusive Galaxy skin and shown it off in a real-life loot drop video.

How to Unlock the Fortnite Galaxy Skin

To unlock the skin for yourself, you must own either the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Then follow these simple steps, starting on August 24:

  • Make sure you download Fortnite from the Samsung Galaxy App store
  • Launch Fortnite and play at least three completed rounds
  • You should then receive the skin as a gift box within 24-48 hours, according to Samsung
  • Locate the Galaxy skin inside the Fortnite locker

Note that as of this moment, Samsung states that the Galaxy skin is exclusive to owners of the Note 9 or Tab S4, but rumors indicate that in the future the skin may become available to all Samsung customers.

Now that you know how to unlock the Galaxy skin on your Samsung devices, head over to our Fortnite Guide Hub for advice on how best to put it to use.