How to get the Golden Key in Dark and Darker

A golden key for a golden room.

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The goal of Dark and Darker is to collect the best possible loot while traversing a dangerous dungeon with your friends. One of the best places to get the best loot is the treasure chambers behind the golden doors, but you need the Golden Key item to unlock these doors. There are several ways for you to obtain a Golden Key in Dark and Darker, with some ways being easier than others. Depending on the skill level of you and your friends, getting a Golden Key can happen almost immediately or take quite a bit of work.

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Where to find a Golden Key in Dark and Darker

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The simplest and easiest way to gain a Golden Key is to purchase one from another player from the warehouse. It will cost players 1,000 gold to buy one Golden Key, which can be pricey when you’re just starting. However, if you have the extra gold and can afford it, the key is worth the investment, as behind every Golden Door is a chamber filled with valuable treasure.

Golden Keys are also a rare drop from Skeleton Champions, powerful skeleton monsters you will come across during your trek through the dungeons. If you don’t have the gold to buy the Golden Key at the warehouse, you can grind through some Skeleton Champions until one of them eventually drops a Golden Key. This method of getting a Golden Key is the most time-consuming because the odds of a Skeleton Champion dropping a key are low. Still, if you want to save your gold and are willing to put in the hours, slaying Skeleton Champions could be your best method.

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Another possible way to gain a Golden Key is to pick one up from a fallen player. Dark and Darker require online functionality to play with your friends, and you will encounter other players as you travel through the various floors in the dungeon. When a player is killed, they will drop their loot. If another player had a Golden Key on them and perished, you can potentially pick up that key without much issue, though this is obviously a bit more random.