How to level up in Dark and Darker

Take your dungeon crawling to another level.

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Players have been challenging themselves in the depths of the first-person high fantasy-themed dungeon crawler Dark and Darker. The game has a co-op function, allowing up to three players to form a party together and brave the dungeons in order to find rare and valuable treasure along the way. However, they will also face obstacles in the form of various monsters as well as other players.

With that in mind, players will want to reach level 15 as soon as possible, as they will gain access to all their Perk Slots. You will initially start out with one and will reach the maximum number of four at level 15. Here is how you can gain Experience Points to level up in Dark and Darker.

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How to get Experience Points in Dark and Darker

Players can gain experience points in Dark and Darker by doing the following:

  • Killing enemies
  • Killing other players
  • Opening chests
  • Going further into a dungeon
  • Activating portals
  • Leaving the dungeon after acquiring loot
  • Defeating a boss
  • Successfully extracting from a dungeon

As the game is still in its Alpha playthrough as of this writing, the above list is subject to change. However, these actions have been observed to cause an increase in a player’s experience bar. Do note that the game counts the last hit for kills, which may be why you and your party members are leveling at different speeds, despite running the same dungeon together.

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On that note, Experience Points from kills are not shared between party members, so ensure that you and your party are leveling up at a consistent pace. It also appears that Experience Points from monster kills are based on the type of enemy or perhaps even the difficulty of the floor, so players will gain more Experience Points from monsters further along the way.

Worried about the game’s difficulty? Do not fret — you will still gain Experience Points even if you are unsuccessful in your extraction. This prevents players from getting stuck in at level 1.