All maps available in Dark and Darker

Explore at your own peril.

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The fantasy battle royale game Dark and Darker pits players against both other humans and the environment across many unique maps. The latest demo lets players explore the game’s many darkened halls and dungeons while fighting monsters and one another. While still early in its development, Dark and Darker currently only sports three maps. If you’re looking to delve into the unknown, here are all the maps in Dark and Darker.

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All maps in Dark and Darker

While it may appear that there are three maps in Dark and Darker, technically one of them is a more challenging version of another. Still, there are technically three. All of which are designed for different purposes and player experiences. Nevertheless, each map will see you fight other players, and monsters, while acquiring loot to outfit and level up your character.

The Goblin Caves

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The Goblin Caves is the first map you can choose in Dark and Darker. It’s a smaller-sized area set deep beneath the ground in a labyrinth of twisting caverns. You’ll encounter goblins, spiders, floating skulls, and other players during your quest to escape the map. It’s meant to test your skills as a solo adventurer and therefore does not allow you to party up with others.

The Forgotten Castle

The Forgotten Castle is the second map you can explore in the game. It’s full of more loot, enemies, and areas to explore. The monsters are more challenging but you’ll gain access to better equipment if you survive long enough to find it. You’ll be able to enter the map with a party of other players as well to even the odds and increase your chances of escaping.

The Forgotten Castle High-Roller

The Forgotten Castle High-Roller map is a more advanced version of The Forgotten Castle. Instead of being free like the other maps, you will have to pay an ante of 100 gold to enter the map. You get this back only if you escape and risk losing it all if you don’t come out on top. Everything you encounter is more difficult but you’ll get better Unique level loot. However, you won’t see the storm circle timer on the map or the player count, making it a tougher test.