How to get the Gracia’s Mirror relic in Vampire Survivors

Get the relic that unlocks the punishing Inverse mode.

Image via Poncle

One of the toughest achievements in Vampire Survivors to get is the Gracia’s Mirror, which doesn’t have many clues to its existence. The first way you learn about it is by going to the Unlocks section and scrolling through the incomplete objectives. You will see that you can obtain Gracia’s Mirror, but you don’t know where to start looking for its existence.

It can be a difficult process, but it isn’t impossible. Like getting the other relics, it just requires some additional exploring and choosing the correct options.

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Finding the level with the Gracia’s Mirror relic

To start your search for the Gracia’s Mirror relic, you must find all other relics in the game. This includes:

  • Grim Grimoire (Inlaid Library)
  • Magic Banger (Green Acres)
  • Milky Way Map (Dairy Plant)
  • Ars Gouda (Dairy Plant)
  • Sorceress’ Tears (Gallo Tower)
  • Randomazzo (Gallo Tower)
  • Glass Vizard (Moonglow)
  • Scrolls of Morbane (The Bone Zone)
  • Great Gospel (Cappella Magna)

Once you have all the relics, you will see a new area appear above the Mad Forest in the level selection screen. It will be called Eudaimonia M. and is accompanied by a short description.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fortunately, your first arrival in the area will not be hostile. You will lose access to all of your bonuses, such as Golden Eggs and Arcanas, but you will not need them for the upcoming encounter. As you move forward, you will see a large yellow open gap. Head inside the gap and you will begin talking to an entity. Some gibberish text will appear before it asks you whether you found the game too easy or too difficult. You will be able to select one of the options below.

Choose “Too Easy” to gain the Gracia’s Mirror relic. This will unlock Inverse Mode, which is a mode you can check during the level selection. It will make enemies significantly more durable, but you can earn more money and your Luck stat gets a boost. Eudaimania M. will disappear from the level selection after you have made your choice.

If you chose “Too Hard” and missed the relic, simply go into Endless Mode once on any level and leave. This will bring back Eudaimania M. in the level selection and allow you to approach the entity once more. It will only give you one option this time, but it will provide you with the Gracia’s Mirror relic.