How to get the Seventh Trumpet relic in Vampire Survivors

Herald the arrival of Endless Mode with your new trumpet.

Image via Poncle

The Seventh Trumpet relic is not easy to acquire, as few hints are given about its existence. You might know it exists because you checked the Unlocks section and noted that it was there, but you’ll need to complete several steps to find it. Then, you will have to search the levels inside and out to get the Seventh Trumpet relic.

Fortunately, if you have been finding relics throughout your Vampire Survivors journey, most of the legwork is already done. The location of the relic isn’t immediately shown to you, but some careful searching will soon uncover its location.

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Getting the Seventh Trumpet relic to appear

Unlike other relics, the Seventh Trumpet isn’t available by default. To make the relic appear, you have to find all other relics in the game. They are:

  • Magic Banger (Green Acres)
  • Milky Way Map (Dairy Plant)
  • Ars Gouda (Dairy Plant)
  • Sorceress’ Tears (Gallo Tower)
  • Randomazzo (Gallo Tower)
  • Glass Vizard (Moonglow)
  • Scrolls of Morbane (The Bone Zone)
  • Great Gospel (Cappella Magna)

Each relic will unlock something that will help you while you play Vampire Survivors, such as giving you a map of the area or giving you access to Arcanas. Using these relics to help you find more relics will be part of the process.

Once you have found all the relics, you will get a notification informing you that you have unlocked Eudaimonia M. It is a level you can explore, but it won’t show up on your level selection if you search normally. Instead, search above the Mad Forest stage to see it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The level itself looks intimidating, and the description doesn’t look inviting. When you step into the level with any character, they will be stripped of all advantages that they have. Golden Eggs and Arcanas are just some of the few things that are taken away shortly upon entering the level.

Thankfully, there won’t be any enemies to fight. You will see a large yellow gap that you can approach. Upon entering, you will start a conversation with an entity. Most of it will seem like nonsense at first, but you will eventually be asked to choose from two options. These options will ask about your experience playing Vampire Survivors, whether you found it too easy or too hard.

Choose “Too Hard” to get the Seventh Trumpet relic. Upon receiving the relic, you will unlock Endless Mode as a selection when choosing level variables. Endless Mode will remove all Reaper bosses from the stage, allowing you to play a level without worrying about the 15-30 minute time limit. It gives you some breathing space and allows you to gather gold without worry. You still need to upgrade your weapons and increase your stats to survive against the enemy waves though.

If you chose “Too Easy” and missed out on the Seventh Trumpet, just start the Inverse Mode on any level and leave at the start. Eudaimonia M. will disappear after getting a relic, but it will reappear after trying out the mode you gained earlier. Approach the large gap and speak to the entity again, who will offer you the Seventh Trumpet relic you missed earlier.