How to get the Grappling Hook in Returnal

Swing when you’re winning.

Image via Sony

Returnal players will quickly release that the game is filled with routes they cannot take and locations that they cannot reach. The action roguelike is a demanding title, and players will need to make small bursts of progress in order to get further into the game.

While it may seem like each death is a complete reset, this is not true, and some progress will remain between lives. There are a number of items in the game that players can unlock that will remain between cycles, allowing them to make progress into new areas of the game.

Eagle-eyed players will have noticed orange lights location in some level that heavily hint at some grappling fun. The device they need is called the Icarian Grapnel, and getting it is not easy.

Players will first need to find a way to get through the red energy walls by locating the Atropian Blade. After that, they will need to get the Anathema Key to give them access to a closed-off portion of the first biome. Up next comes a battle against the first boss, Phrike.

Killing Phrike will get players access to the Crimson Key which they can use to activate a teleporter that will send them to the Crimson Wastes. At the end of the Crimson Wastes is Ixion, the game’s second boss. By defeating Ixion they will finally get access to the Icarian Grapnel.